Tuesday 19 May 2015

Heading West

After a great time at Four Days in May, Shack Nasties is heading west...

We're heading out on Interstate 80 (as you see) inspired by both the Oregon Trail and by Jack Kerouac. I say "we" because the XYL seems to have joined the team in a very positive way at both FDIM and the Hamvention - she's much more than a passenger and companion now!

Talking of Jack Kerouac, I couldn't help buying this bag at the University Bookstore in Iowa City today...

Iowa City is a handsome place and the State University is built around the beautiful old State Capitol building.

I was lucky to get a nice Hendricks TriBander CW rig at FDIM (thanks Dennis) and I purchased a little paddle from Doug, w6ame, at American Morse, to partner it. But I can't find anybody to sell me a telescopic pole ( a "crappie pole") to lift the middle of the new holiday dipole and do some Stateside operating.

I 80 goes all the way to Laramie, but we'll be turning off North to take in some other sights in South Dakota before we reach our old hometown on Sunday.

Wagons roll!

... -.- de w0/m0xpd

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