Friday 5 June 2015


After a few self indulgent posts of what n2cqr would call "travelogue", its time to post some more useful material about Dayton - particularly as I'd made a fool of myself by speaking at the Four Days in May event...

Those of you who showed the good taste to miss my presentation can at least download the materials from this site.

There is a copy of the written "paper", which was printed in the conference "proceedings".

There is also a copy of the PowerPoint slides I used as backdrop to my presentation - although many of the animations and transitions will make precious little sense without my words over the top - the slides are just the "backing track". That's not to suggest they made much sense with my words over the top!

The presentation was recorded on video and will be made available on-line at some point. I'll add a link to make my embarrassment complete when such a link becomes available.

For any that don't know, QRP-ARCI's "Four Days in May" runs concurrently with the Dayton Hamvention.

Both events are a must-see for QRP enthusiasts, in my opinion. The social side of FDIM is particularly enjoyable.

I believe these are coffee mats - but they may as well have been beer mats, as there was quite a deal of business conducted in the bar!

The Hamvention - which is based on the other side of town, some thirty minutes' drive away from the FDIM Hotel, is vast.

The indoor spaces include trade stalls from ALL the major manufacturers and all the important groups and Societies, such as our own RSGB...

Mrs m0xpd was even running the G-QRP stall single-handed at one stage!

As well as the big players, smaller manufacturers are present too, including American Morse Equipment, from whom I purchased the little paddle kit mentioned in a previous post...

When you're done with the indoor stalls, you can go outside to the Flea Market - where you need to be prepared with all the American superlatives ("Awesome" etc) you can muster - for it extends further than the eye can see (and much further than my legs or my patience could carry me).

Here's a shot of one random line of parked-up dealers, plying their trade...

Whilst I appreciate that not everybody is able to get there (it is expensive and inconvenient) FDIM gets my very highest recommendation. I had a great time.

My special thanks to Steve, g4gxl, to all my friends at G-QRP, to Rex, w1rex, to Tom, wb8lcd and Chuck, w8pt and to all the other folks I enjoyed meeting and talking with.

I shall certainly be there next year!

...-.- de m0xpd


  1. Hi, Paul.

    I attended your presentation at FDIM and I have to say that I think you're being WAY too hard on yourself. I enjoyed it and learned some new things about filtering and Arduino uses. I hope you enjoyed your visit to the States and will return to a future event.

    72, Jim - K0RGI

  2. Thanks Jim - I had a GREAT time and will certainly be at FDIM 2016. Self-deprecation is part of the canon of British humor - as you will have noticed!

    72, Paul