Wednesday 13 April 2011

Another Birthday in Blackpool

Rushed back from holiday to participate in the annual NARSA Rally in Blackpool.

Regular readers may recall that this event marks the anniversary of my involvement in amateur radio.

This year, my multi-mode beacon (Blogs passim) was featured on the WARC stand. I made a transparent lid so the great unwashed could see in and I could keep their fingers out!

Here's the beacon in her tantalising see-through clothes...

Mike, g4vss, Paul, g1vda and I had worked up a QRSS theme for the Warrington display this year. Here's my beacon on the stand...

where she shared the limelight with the excellent new g1vda QRSS beacon kit, developed as a WARC project and now available from Kanga UK.

I dusted off the m0xpd wallet and got one of the beacon kits for 80m (chosen as my beacon won't operate on 80m). I also got a year's supply of single-sided, copper-clad fibreglass board at a great price and one of the Czech keys frequently advertised in SPRAT...

Of course, I chose to buy one of the cosmetically imperfect "B grade" keys at 25% discount. Despite the blemishes the key feels great - first QSO was with John, g4oyc.

My "Birthday Celebration" was crowned by finally meeting some people in the flesh who previously had been contacts at the end of various electronic links - very nice to meet you (you know who you are!)

...-.- de m0xpd

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