Saturday 23 April 2011


I found an ABS box in "stores" and put the pa0klt VFO kit into it...

Stores didn't have a dc socket in stock, so power currently passes through a hole in the case. I opted to leave out the LCD backlight as my contribution to measures to slow down climate change!

I decided to try out the new VFO by using it to drive my WSPR receiver module, seen here on the bench with a bandpass filter (which previously featured in the multi-mode beacon until it was rendered obsolete by the arrival of the multi-band bandpass) in the antenna path. This allowed me to run the receiver on 30m whilst the multi-mode beacon was transmitting on 40m (without it, the "open" front end of the direct conversion receiver was swamped by the transmitter output).

It was nice to do some WSPR receiving again - something of a payback for all those times I've been just transmitting! Here's the decode screen doing its stuff...

But the real beauty was running a h/b WSPR receiver whilst simultaneously working mu h/b multi-mode beacon. Here's a map showing a snapshot of both Rx on 30m and Tx on 40...

Great fun - I think I'll make some kind of box for the receiver system next.

...-.- de m0xpd

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  1. Very nice. Following your WSPR adventures with homemade equipment with great interest. 73, Bas