Wednesday 13 April 2011

Pisces in Pickering

Just back from the annual vernal "pilgrimage" to Whitby.

Apart from the usual delights, I enjoyed another day's fishing at Pickering Trout Lake, just at the end of the NYMR line. I landed thirty fish, on buzzers and goldheads, the best of which (in fact, the last of which) is seen here...

The top of the net frame is 24 inches wide...

so you see this was no minnow!

I took the FT817 and Walkabout whip and tried /p working from the east side of the harbour, emulating Juan, ea5blp's seaside exploits. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy much success (perhaps due to being in the "shadow" of the nearby cliff, on top of which sits the Abbey) but I did enjoy a FB QRP chat with Tony, g3yho.

Happy Days,

...-.- de m0xpd

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