Saturday 21 November 2009

USB Synthesizer

Well, this is my first outing into the Blogging game (I am a notorious late-adopter) so apologies for all errors, omissions, etc...

I got my USB synth kit from Jan, G0BBL, at the G-QRP Rishworth mini-convention.

The kit flew together without any hitches, thanks in part to my illuminated magnifier, a nice new Weller soldering station (birthday present) and some 0.5mm solder.

Here's an image of my completed module...

Honestly, if somebody as cack-handed as I can put one of these together, anybody can!

After a few quick tests, I hooked up the module to my SoftRock RxTx. I can't figure why the instructions indicate a connection between the PTT lines - seems to work fine without it!

Within moments I had first QSO with Rog, gw3uep, with the rig in a hell of a mess on the bench...

Those with 20/20 vision will see (from right to left) one of the soundcards necessary to get the whole show on the road, the USB Synth module, the SoftRock (in box with lid removed) and a piece of chipboard with my keyer, a HexFET PA and a bandpass filter.

The PA was producing about 10 obscenely QRO Watts and the keyer will be the subject of future post (always assuming my enthusiasm for this project endures).

Apple Dynamics was my old company - and the nameplate on the shelf is a piece of nostalgia!

You can get more information about the USB Synthesizer kit from the SDR-Kits website.

...-.- de m0xpd

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