Saturday 6 February 2010


Just been rattling around the 'net and I stumbled on HamSphere , which is a sort of web-based shortwave simulation.

Downloaded the software and registered for an account (you get a free 3-day license - no idea what the costs are after that) and was soon running a simulation of a modern transceiver...

There's DSB voice mode (presumably for those with too much to say) but also CW!

I heard a CQ from 2hs413 (HamSphere can issue its own "call signs") and answered it - it turned out to be Scott in Michigan. Soon after that, Sam, vu2usa called me from Bangalore.

Don't get me wrong - this is never going to replace the "real thing". But it is one hell of a good game when you're stuck in a Hotel on the other side of the world on a business trip (ZL, in my case). All you need is your PC and your internet connection.

I just need to figure how to hook up a key to let me really send morse (rather than have the computer interpret keyboard input).

...-.- de m0xpd

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  1. Helo Paul, I am 2hs413. HamSphere is slowly growing. Many of operators are Ham operators that are Shut-In.(nowhere to put up an antenna etc.) I myself am an ex ham from the "70's" taking up the hobby again. I hope you revisit Hamsphere.
    As for CW, I am using a electronic keyer and paddles to feed audio into the microphone jack of the pc.
    Thanks fer the QSO. "73"
    Scott in Fennville,Michigan