Sunday 6 June 2010

Red Roses and the HW7

Had a nice morning at West Manchester Radio Club's Red Rose QRP Rally today.

I couldn't resist an old Heathkit HW-7 which I picked up for a good price...

The rig is clean enough and works well (although there is a contest on 40m this afternoon, so I didn't bother trying for a qso - I'll get around to that when things quieten down a bit). It has the Jack Clennon, g4zqk, mods (SPRAT 59, page 17), which seem to work rather nicely.

Talking of SPRAT, I visited George g3rjv and his colleagues on the G-QRP stand and got some binders for the journal...

I've been after these since Rishworth last year - by the time I got to the stall that time, they'd sold out! I only joined G-QRP when I was first licensed (as m6pad, back in 2008) but, thanks to a kind gift from Tom, g0myn, my hard copy collection of SPRAT stretches back to 2001.

Of course, I've got the CD - but there is no substitute for the real thing. Now I guess I'll spend a pleasant evening leafing through back issues...

More reports on the HW-7 when I fire it up in anger.

...-.- de m0xpd

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  1. Congrats, HW-7 is a real treasure! Hope to meet you on air when you'll use this radio.

    73! Andy UU1CC