Wednesday 12 March 2014

Flying a Kite for TX Factor

I was listening to Roger, g4roj(/p), working SSB on 40m on Saturday from a full-wave vertical kite antenna above a field somewhere in the midlands on my Arduino Due Software Defined Radio.

Roger's signals were so strong that I had to put an attenuator in front of the system on his overs to avoid overwhelming my analog-to-digital converters! The attenuator could be switched out for 95% of the stations Roger was chatting to - showing just how strong his signals were.

On Sunday, I had a quick blast on my BITX rig, working some CW and then some SSB. I heard Roger again, so had a quick QSO with him. I described how I'd heard him telling other contacts throughout the weekend that he was preparing for a meeting with the guys from TX Factor - the new UK internet TV show about amateur radio. g4roj and his famous (and - evidently - effective) kites are going to be filmed for a forthcoming episode.

With this sense of  "personal connection" arising from my QSO with g4roj, I took a look at TX Factor Episode 1 today...

I am impressed - production is at a very high, professional standard. The presenters do a great job of putting across the content in a way which is interesting, informative and - in the best sense - entertaining.

I have enjoyed other Amateur Radio "TV" shows - especially AmateurLogic TV. It is great to see something of similar, very high standard emerging from the UK scene.

Apparently, episode 2 includes a visit to dear old BP - and I look forward to seeing Roger's kites in some future episode.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to all at TX Factor,

...-.- de m0xpd

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