Sunday 19 October 2014

QRP HomeBuilder QRT

Those of you who monitor the QRP-L list already will know that Todd Gale, ve7bpo, has taken down the QRP HomeBuilder website

This excellent resource has been a site of special interest to me over the years as the home of the Funster 40, which motivated my own Funster Plus rig.

Todd's work has always been of the very highest quality, being solid, evidence-based, honest engineering. It has been coloured in recent years by the introduction of some new dimensions of "comedy" or "character" which I don't claim to understand - but that doesn't change the core quality of Todd's offering.

Fortunately - although the website is no more - Todd has generously made an archive of the site available for download as a PDF. I don't know how complete that archive is - but it is there for all to capture, as I have done. Ironically, given that I referred to his excellent library for the Si5351 recently, Jason, nt7s is one of the people hosting the archive here.

Of course, QRP HomeBuilder is now removed from the links at the right hand side of is page - and the space that it has made in 'M0XPD's LINKS' has been occupied by Jason's 'Ripples in the Ether'.

We all owe Todd an enormous debt of gratitude for all he has done at QRP HomeBuilder - but, as Benard Ighner's song says,

Everything must change 
Nothing stays the same 
Nothing and no one goes unchanged 

Todd hasn't stayed the same - he has started a new initiative: Popcorn QRP , which takes its place in the links.

I look forward to continuing to learn from Todd's experiments.

...-.- de m0xpd

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