Wednesday 1 April 2015

ANOTHER Raspberry Pi

Single board computers are coming thick and fast at the moment...

No sooner than the Arduino ZERO has just been released, with its interesting ARM core processor...

this morning saw the appearance of the brand-new, "Bitchin' Fast" Raspberry Pi Model C...

This is crazy - I've only just closed my wallet from ordering the last revision and reported its first use on these pages - I can hardly keep up with this blistering rate of innovation!

Still - I mustn't complain - apart from the new, racy language (the phrase "Bitchin' Fast" is right there next to the network port - see my red box on the photo above), the changes move the RPi C very much in MY direction.

See all those header pins - they're all I/O - from an ATmega328 used (one supposes) as some kind of I/O processor - shades of Arduino creeping into the RPi camp here.

This is all - of course - nonsense (except for the Arduino ZERO - which is for real).

It is - if you check the date - April fool's day.

Several folks with Jam on their hands have perpetrated a particularly well-executed gag - in a similar league to the great BBC spaghetti joke of 1957...

Nice one guys!

But please don't miss the meaning in your madness; it would be nice to see the RPi continue to grow in a direction which encourages and facilitates Physical Computing, as well as just growing in pure computational grunt.

Happy days, to fools everywhere.

...-.- de m0xpd

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  1. That new Pi may be a joke. But the Arduino Tre, if it ever sees the light of day, is essentially that idea; it's a mashup of a Beaglebone Black and an Arduino Leonardo.