Thursday 21 May 2015


I gave up on trying to find a telescopic pole and - instead - got some racquet balls and a ball of twine.

The ball is like a squash ball (only bigger) and I've tied the end of the twine to it, so I can pitch it over the limb of a tree and hoist up the "holiday dipole" that way.

Here's the entire travelling station, laid out on a bench...

You can see the twine and the ball at top left, a co-ax feeder (which I purchased at vendor evening at FDIM) and the antenna wrapped around the covers of a ring binder (a real convenient method of transporting it, which I will post about later) and the rest of the kit, including the new American Morse paddle (from the Hamvention) on the right hand side.

Here's your humble servant operating from the same bench, which is on the North bank of Lewis and Clark Lake, South Dakota...

I had a nice QSO with Art, k8cit, over in Michigan, who gave me 449 - it works!

...-.- de w0/m0xpd

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