Sunday 14 February 2016

Radio Active

Just back from today's Radio Active Rally (see what they've done with the name - these people should be in marketing) ...

held in the Civic Hall...

of the attractive, historic market town of Nantwich.

Actually, this year's event wasn't really a Radio Active event at all - rather it was an 'Amateur Communications and Technology Rally', hosted by the UK AllStar Hub...

Cynics might suspect that the name is about getting computer traders to set up stands and more punters to come through the door. There was evidence of both - but it was certainly a lively event with lots of pure 'radio activity'- well worth a visit...

I was pleased to see another E350 power supply

Evidently these things (like taxis and buses) are unseen for ages then come along in twos and threes. This one has different output connectors to the plain binding posts fitted to my example.

Good to meet up with some old friends and particularly good to make some new contacts and to be introduced to some new technologies and ideas - which I look forward to following up.

Nantwich is a nice place on a clear, sunny winter's day.

...-.- de m0xpd

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