Saturday 10 December 2016

ESP8266 Kit Released

The m0xpd / Kanga ESP8266 - AS9834 board, 'A DDS on The Internet of Things,' is now available for purchase as a kit, with the three SMD devices supplied already installed on the PCB...

The kit is provided (as usual) by the board's co-developer, Kanga Products UK.

Although this board is no more complicated than any other of my Arduino shields, it is rather different in scope and application. As such, I have set up a small website to support the board. The site provides details of the board's hardware and how to go about assembling and interfacing it.

More importantly, it provides some support to help new users get going with applications of this board. There are instructions for integrating the ESP8266 into the Arduino IDE and some test and application code for the new board - including a basic version of the multi-mode QRSS beacon.

I wish to thank Kanga for their continued support and encouragement in bringing my work to a wider audience. I hope that this board will be of interest to many experimenters who wish to explore the interface between ham radio and The Internet of Things.

...-.- de m0xpd

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