Monday 8 March 2010

Band Confusion

Just switched over from 40m whispering to 80m...

On looking at WSPRnet I was very surprised to find that there are some 80m spots for me YESTERDAY (i.e. before I started to transmit on that band)...

I checked back in the 40m spots and these were, indeed, time segments in which I was transmitting on 40m.

I started to get a bit worried about the purity of my emissions - but soon realized that the Tx frequencies aren't harmonically related, so it's not a fault at my transmitter or DL5RBD's receiver. Took me a while to figure out an explanation...

DL5RBD's radio must have been set up (correctly) for 40m reception, BUT HIS WSPR APPLICATION WAS SET FOR 80m.

Anybody have an email address for the operator of DL5RBD??

I'll post some 80m spot reports when a few accumulate.

...-.- de m0xpd

By the way -

I've noted an error with the posting time and date on this Blog site. Let's make a little experiment.

I'm going to press the "Publish Post" button at 18:18 UTC, Monday 8th March - we'll see what the listing says.

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