Wednesday 3 March 2010

Breaking the habits of a lifetime

This more a tweet than a blog - but its worth recording none the less.

Tonight I couldn't raise anybody on CW through the QsoNet system, despite sending out beautifully automated CQs courtesy of a new (to me) iPhone app called Text2Morse (it does exactly what it says on the can).

So, I spun the tuning knob up to the phone section of the 20m band and heard wa3cjl calling CQ.

I answered, and was treated to a wonderful conversation with Robert "Pip" Thomas in Kulpmont, Pa. We were joined by fellow FISTS member, Clive, g4ppk, before I had to QRT to make a sked with the xyl on Skype.

Thanks Pip and Clive for a great qso - I may even have to change my opinion of phone modes!

73 de hb/m0xpd

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