Wednesday 15 December 2010


Finding myself away on a business trip once again, with time to twiddle my thumbs, I decided to take another look at what can be accessed via the Hotel’s internet connection.

Regular readers of these notes may recall that previously I’ve played with “simulated” radio connections through HamSphere whilst in ZL and QSONet whilst in HB.

Well, today I’m back in HB-land but, rather than playing with web-based simulations of the ether, I’m listening to the action on the CW segment of 40m – the real thing.

All this is thanks to WebSDR, which is a network of public-spirited Hams, who make available a software defined radio, a server and some special code developed by Dr Pieter-Tjerk de Boer of the University of Twente.

There are several people offering WebSDR receivers as I write, as listed on the homepage and shown in this map…

The receivers cover various bands – I’ve particularly enjoyed listening to Dan, yo3ggx’s system in Bucharest, KN34bk. Here’s a partial screenshot of the waterfall display on Dan’s page, running Pieter-Tjerk’s application …

This is useful, interesting and fun. Not just a great boon to travellers away from their own shacks but worth looking at from home too!

Thanks Pieter-Tjerk & Dan.

…-.- de m0xpd

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