Monday 17 January 2011

40m Reception

This weekend's mods to the multi-mode beacon (Blogs passim) which allowed operation on 40m have borne fruit...

I was able to see my signal on the grabber aggregators - including the excellent site maintained by Claudio, i2ndt.

Here's a reasonably clear picture of my signals at Johan, on5ex's grabber (I added a partial reflection to make my upside-down signal slightly easier to see)...

Jan, pa9qv's "Double Dutch" Grabber displays a much longer time history - so the temporal resolution isn't as fine. I've highlighted my signals (DFCW and Hell) with a red box...

Colin, g6avk, reported seeing my signals on the KnightsQRSS list - Colin said "I managed to read the inverted FSKCW here ..... It had me guessing for a while though Hi!"

Finally, Joachim, pa1gsj was kind enough to comment on the blog that he had seen my signals "the better part of the day over here in JO22da".

Joachim also made the eminently sensible suggestion that I might run the Si570 DDS oscillator at a harmonic of the desired frequency and divide down to get the three-and-a-bit Meg signal I need. That might well be the answer - I need to make a new version of the controller board (to get control lines for the band-pass filter and the yet to be constructed low-pass), so adding a divider stage after the DDS plug-in will be easy.

Thanks to Joachim for the good idea and to all reporters,

...-.- de m0xpd


Bill w4hbk has stitched together a night's worth of screens from Johan, on5ex's grabber - you can see how my signals start breaking into Belgium after breakfast at a civilised hour. Fellow WARC member Mike, g4vss, ten miles down the road, obviously has his three Weetabix a little earlier!

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