Sunday 16 January 2011


Being accustomed to making a journey to Radio Rallies (be it a day at the seaside, risking exposure and hypothermia on the moors or just a gentle drive around the M60) it is something of a surprise when the Rally comes to me!

Today, the West Manchester club held their annual "Red Rose" Rally at a new location - the George H Carnall Sports Centre, only 3.2 miles from my back yard - how could I stay away?

The event was full of the usual suspects (including rather too many offering computers and software) and I was just beginning to regret parting with my £3 for the entry fee when I chanced upon what must be the best value "Grab Bag" of mixed components of my career - a fiver from g4vap's stand.

I had been tempted by some new DIN plugs and sockets visible on the outside of the bundle but, on getting the bag back home and sorting through the contents, I found all sorts of treasures, several of which would have been worth £5 of my money alone!

There were all sorts of goodies from passives (including dozens of electrolytics and ceramics) through multi-turn presets, switches, logic devices, RF cascode amps, relays, LEDs, sounders and earpieces, ferrites, RF chokes, 20 DIN plugs and 10 PCB DIN sockets - all of them brand spanking - an amazing haul!

The crowning glory must be the shiny new microphone holder, just visible in the centre of the picture above - whatever would I want one of those for?

Sorry - I just suffered a sudden and totally uncharacteristic bout of cynicism. I meant to say "perfect for hanging up the lollipop after a session chatting with all my good buddies, 10-4".

...-.- de m0xpd

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  1. Oh I do like goodie bags. I just wish all rallies weren't a tankful of petrol to get there and back.