Friday 29 April 2011

mr0xpd and THAT Dress

British Hams have been given the opportunity (WHY ?!?!) to apply for a "Notice of Variation" to their license, allowing the secondary locator "R" (for Royal) to be used, in "celebration" of The Royal Wedding. So, today and for the next few days I am become mr0xpd - deep joy!

Just for the record, I am mildly pro-monarchy (although by nature I am more comfortable in Roundhead garb than the lacy, foppish excess of the Cavaliers and The Oxford Movement).

In addition to the exciting news of the call sign, I am able to bring you a special scoop from the paparazzi - pictures of THAT Dress, fully two hours before the rest of the world's media.

Here's Kate...

Doesn't she look radiant!

More news to follow throughout the day,

...-.- de mR0xpd HI HI

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