Monday 25 April 2016

RSGB Awards

Spending a few days up in M-land, during which time I have been proud to receive a brace of awards at the RSGB Annual General Meeting.

The first was the Wortley-Talbot Trophy...

which, I'm told, was given for 'outstanding experimental work in amateur radio', specifically for my 'Parallel IF' article in RadCom back in January 2015. There was an FA Cup semi-final fixture played on Saturday and the trophy rather put me in mind of the Soccer prize!

The second award was the Don Cameron G4SST Memorial Trophy...

awarded (according to the RSGB's nice letter) for "outstanding contribution to low power amateur radio communication" and specifically for "actively passing on (my) knowledge to others in the field, including Digital QRP".

The Don Cameron award shuns the traditional trophy format and takes instead the more sensible shape of a CW rig with integrated paddle, all mounted on a plinth. It was nice to see my name on a new engraved plate on the plinth, along with the great and the good of British QRP - many of whom I am honoured to count as friends. The big 'cup' had been engraved too.

I couldn't help but massage my vanity by taking a picture of my two awards...

Whilst here in Glasgow, the XYL and I have taken the opportunity to steal a pleasant 'city break' weekend away from the pressures of work, visiting the many museums and architectural delights of this great city.

One of the real highlights is the Necropolis, where the great and the good were buried in earlier years...

From this 'City of the Dead', high on a hill over St Mungo's Cathedral, you get good views over today's living, vibrant city.

Come to Glasgow - to get an award or just to enjoy an interesting visit to a fantastic, welcoming city.

...-.- de m(m)0xpd

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  1. Congratulations Paul. Richly deserved OM. 73 Bill N2CQR