Friday, 6 May 2016

Tour of Duty

Today the XYL and I set off on another spring trip across the pond...

This time I'm set to meet with the good folks at Portage County Amateur Radio Service

who I'm going to bore with one of my presentations, before going on to an Author Event (it's art, darling!) promoting the new book at the Community Library in St Marys, OH.

Then it's down Interstate 75 to FDIM for another magic lantern show

and a trip to the Dayton Hamvention, where we might even sell a few copies of the book.

Our journey home includes a few days in Iceland and another talk at the Íslenskra radíóamatöra club in Reykjavik

There's going to be lots of time for tourism between these 'gigs', taking in Toronto, Niagara Falls, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, visiting our friends up in Michigan, etc... that's what I'm telling the XYL!

Greatly looking forward to meeting folks along the way, so please make yourselves known - let's have an 'eyeball QSO', preferably over a beer!

I rather pre-empted this 'spring trip across the pond' by an unexpected business trip to Texas a few days ago - so I'll be back in North America for the second time within a week. Unfortunately, that trip forced me to cancel a booking for a talk at the Chester and District Radio Society. I apologize to members there who I was forced to let down (and to Steve, g6fdk). I shall be pleased to reschedule a talk at Chester for a later date.

I'll try to post news from Dayton (and other points along the way)

...-.- de m0xpd



  1. Have a great trip Paul! 73 Bill N2CQR

  2. Hello Paul, enjoy your trip and the visits. 73, Bert