Monday 24 April 2023

EAGLE Toroid Library is Available (again)

Yesterday, after a request from Giannis in SV-land, I uploaded my EAGLE Library for inductors and transformers wound on FT37 and FT50 Toroidal Ferrite Cores to a github repository.

I had published this library many moons ago to the CADSoft EAGLE Library page, but it no longer appears on the Autodesk EAGLE Library collection. Perhaps it got lost during the transfer of ownership of EAGLE or perhaps they just don't like my little library 😃

Whatever the reason, it is now online again and available for anybody to use.

The library was originally created and used in several of my projects, including the Tx and Si5351 shields and has been successfully used by a number of others who have reason to play with these fundamental building blocks of practical RF circuits. 

However, you should be careful before you use it. I have been burned by libraries from trusted sources and I would advise caution; you should check that it works in your application. Whilst it is offered in good faith, it comes with no warranties that it is suitable for any purpose!

Let me know if you have success with it,

73 de m0xpd

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